Join The Cowbells For Courage Parade

May 21, 2020

A number of people are planning a one-hour socially distant compliant event on Thursday to honor the hard work of our community’s first responders and essential employees.

Main St. Business Owner Linda Duggins and friends are planning to celebrate our first responders who haven’t stopped working during these last two months of the COVID-19 pandemic. An hour-long parade will take place on Thursday afternoon and they hope others will join in.

“We just feel like with the recent events, everyone's feeling a little helpless and sometimes hopeless, and we're hoping this event will change that,” she said. “We are promoting a rolling parade and what it will involve is people decorating their cars, getting out their cowbells, or perhaps even regular bells or pots and pans and we're going to start at Park City Hospital and visit some of our first line workers.”

They will be meeting at 3 o’clock Thursday at the Quinn’s Junction trailhead parking lot between the dog park and the ice arena. The parade will be led by a Park City police motorcade.  From there they’ll drive by the hospital…

“We will head down Round Valley Drive and hopefully some of the employees at the Round Valley clinic and the Health Department will be outside. We’ll then head into town and do the little strip by The Market and hope that a lot of those employees will be out we can kind of show our appreciation by honking horns and our decorated cars. Next, we’ll head to the Park City Police Department and the Fire Department should be there as well. We're not going to be able to do a drive by at the actual Fire Department. Then we’ll head out to the junction and go by Smith’s Marketplace and end up at Summit County Sheriff's office.”

She thinks honoring those who have persevered through the pandemic is important.

“We’ve all learned one big lesson that community matters more than ever,” Duggins said. “And I think it's just a great time for us to connect and show appreciation for the people that have not stopped working. And they've worked on our behalf and you know in many times put themselves in tough situations to serve the Park City community.”

She thinks it’s a great opportunity for families with young kids to get involved by making homemade signs and decorating their car with streamers. While it’s important for adults to show appreciation, she says it will also give children a chance to participate as well.