Join PC Mayor for 10 Day Vegan Challenge

May 11, 2018

Hold the beef and the cheese and join Park City Mayor Andy Beerman for a 10-day vegan diet starting Monday. Leslie Thatcher has more. 

At the request of a constituent, Park City Mayor Andy Beerman agreed to try a 10-day plant based vegan diet. And he’s encouraging others to join him. Shortly after the election, a local vegan advocate Kent Mauer asked the new mayor if he’d be willing to set an example. Beerman says now is the time.                

Mauer and Lauren Lockey co-founder of Sage Mountain will make a presentation Monday at noon at the PC MARC. Beerman says a couple of city council members and city staff members are on board with him. He hopes the community will be too for the ten days.

He cites a number of not only health benefits but environmental benefits., including water savings and reducing the carbon footprint and, of course, saving animals and fish.

Beerman has known  about the challenge for a couple of months and he and his wife have been slowly transitioning to the vegan lifestyle and have been experimenting with different recipes. The presentation will be held from 12 to 1 pm at the MARC. You can follow along on the mayor’s Facebook page, Park City Andy.

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