Kamas Commuter Service Extended To Seven Days A Week

Nov 13, 2018

As the early winter transit schedule begins in the Park City area, there’s also good news about the Kamas commuter service.

Kenzie Coulson, who is Transit Quality Manager for Park City, and Alfred Knotts, the city’s Transit Planning Manager, said the Kamas route will be upgraded.

“The Kamas commuter has exceeded expectations for ridership and its been going really well.” Coulson explained, “We are increasing the days serviced now we’ll go seven days a week. Last year it was only Monday through Friday. We expect that to be popular especially because we are a resort town a lot of people don’t work the conventional Monday through Friday.”

“It’ll follow it’s existing route.” Knotts added, “So, it’ll go over to the Blackrock area they’re also adding some stops up over into the hospital area also to be able to serve that more frequently as well.”

Coulson also explained getting from the Quinn’s area to Kimball Junction, or into the city.

“If you’re headed to the junction you can catch a bus from the hospital and that’s called the Kamas Link.” Coulson continued, “But if you want to come all the way into town on Kearns then you can continue on the bus all the way to Park Ave Condos we call it, which is the stop across from the Fresh Market. If you’re headed skiing for example on a Saturday or Sunday, you can catch an immediate transfer from that Park Ave Condos to the Park City Base or of course the Electric Express.”