KPCW Goes To Planning Commission With Expansion Proposal

Mar 26, 2019

Credit David Chambers / KPCW

KPCW is looking to expand its space—finalizing something that was approved more than 10 years ago. 

Planning Director Bruce Erickson says when China Bridge Parking Garage was created, a subdivision and a condominium accompanied it, and some of that space was sold to KPCW. The station’s current building was approved in 2007, creating three “shell” spaces to fill. But only two of those spaces were built into, with 900 square feet of office space never being constructed. Now, to accommodate the Bob Wells Plaza, KPCW has adjusted the proposed office space from the 2007 plans. Erickson says the project requires modifications to the subdivision and condominium, as well as a minor land use approval, to allow the expansion.

“It's moving forward, and there are a lot of moving parts in the background," Erickson said. "But from the Planning Department's perspective, it's important to keep this local resource on Swede Alley and on Main Street, and so we're doing everything we can do to make this work consistent with the land management code.”

KPCW plans to expand the station to the north and west out over the liquor store. Erickson says the expansion aligns itself with Swede Alley’s redevelopment, and the planning staff recommends approval.

“The expansion is consistent with the Swede Alley master plan, and it's consistent with the Old Town improvement," Erickson said. "We're not going over any of the sidewalks to the west, so Swede Alley will continue sidewalks and access to the liquor store, and the Bob Wells Plaza will continue to exist, and we're not hiding the historic kiln just underneath the Marsac.”

If approved by the Planning Commission, the subdivision and condominium amendments will go to the City Council for consideration.