Local Liquor Stores To Increase Capacity

May 22, 2020

With Wasatch and Summit Counties moving from an "orange" to "yellow” risk this week, the change will affect the state liquor stores in the two counties. 

Both Summit and Wasatch counties are now considered to be at low risk based on the state’s COVID-19 assessment and businesses are slowly opening.

According to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control spokesman Terry Wood, the color change will affect the four state liquor stores Park City area and Heber City.

Wood says they’re working with managers of the stores to increase the number of customers who are allowed in the stores at any one time. That number he says will be based on the size of the store.

Other precautions will remain in place for now, including the sanitizing of the shopping carts, checkout counters and card readers. Residents are reminded to follow the precautions of social distancing, washing their hands and wearing a mask in public. 

For now, store hours of noon to 7 pm will remain in place.  And remember, Monday is Memorial Day, and all liquor stores will be closed.

More changes, Wood says, will come as the state risk status for COVID-19 evolves.