Local News Hour - May 10, 2017

May 10, 2017

Park City has a new building chief, and he’s a familiar face.  David Thacker talks about how he will oversee the town’s building boom.       Then, City manager Diane Foster and Budget Operations Manager Jed Briggs discuss next year’s budget, a new event planner for the 4th of July, a resolution on Bonanza Flat, and brand-new condos that may become affordable housing in Prospector.       Keeping kids safe is the focus of our  Summit County Health Department monthly update.   There’s a national campaign in May to raise awareness about a variety of children safety topics such as injury prevention, bike safety, poison control, seat belt safety and concussions among other topics.       And finally, Saturday night there’s a fundraiser for EATS, which stands for EAT Awesome Things At School.  If you’re looking for a good party, with 150 silent auction items and celebrity chefs cooking great food… tune in.  Executive Director of EATS, Ann Bloomquist has details about their Fork in the Road fundraiser.