Local Organization Brings Founders Of Silver King Mine To Life

Feb 22, 2019

A local organization that seeks to stabilize and preserve the legacy of historic mining structures is providing a free lecture Monday on the 11 people who founded the Silver King Mine.

Sally Elliot from Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History says the event takes place at the Jim Santy auditorium at 5:00 on Monday evening.

“It should be a hoot,” Elliot said. “It’s just for fun. I’ve written 11 scripts for people to read on the stage. Ron Butkovich of Park City Museum has dressed up everybody and we’ll be in period costume. Everybody will tell the audience who they were. We even have not only just committee members, but we also have a couple of descendants of the actual characters. Because most of the Silver King characters have kind of hung around Salt Lake City and their roots are here.”

Elliot says she believes knowing and recording local history is important for the community.

“It’s just part of who we are,” Elliot explained. “It’s what makes Park City, Park City. We were a snowy tiny mountain mining community and we’re not a very big town now though of course we’ve grown. It’s a way of connecting people with the history of the community and it’s important to me. It’s just one of those things that makes community community.”