Lori Weston Named Park City Hospital's New Administrator

Oct 19, 2018

Credit Lori Weston LinkedIn

Park City Hospital has a new administrator, but Lori Weston isn’t a stranger to the Wasatch Back.

Weston has been working at the Bear River Valley Hospital, in the Tremonton area of northern Utah. But she has experience around Park City.

“I was the finance director for the Park City and Heber Hospitals two years ago. We lived in Park City here for five years. I love the community, we ski, we do all the mountain biking things like that. I’m excited to be here going forward helping people in the community live the healthiest lives possible. We’ve got a great live-well center there at the hospital, lots of things going on. Intermountain has a big initiative to help with the mental health issues and opioid crisis in the state. So I’m excited to get working with our community partners on those type of issues.”

To deal with the opioid problem, she said what’s necessary is an education effort, in partnership with local business and health organizations.

“We’re looking at how we can expand access for patients that don’t have insurance. We’ve got our local partners, People’s Health Clinic, Christian Center that we’re working with as well, we’re working with the local health department. All of these resources we’re trying to expand to give better access to our patients. Patients can always reach out to their primary care provider and they can get the information to link them in with somebody that can help as well.”

Park City facility, like the Bear River hospital, is a Level 4 Trauma facility. She explained what that means.

“As a Level 4 you are a stroke receiving facility, you’re able to take care of certain levels of trauma patients that come into the hospital. We’ve got board certified physicians there at Park City Hospital ready to take care of any of those types of traumas that come in. We also partner with local EMS agencies on doing educations and training. So, when our agencies are going out into the field bringing patients to us they’ve had all the training and education that they need. So we make sure they have the resources and things that they need.”

Weston said she will be doubling between park City and the Bear River facility in a transition period up until Thanksgiving and then will be here full time.