Man Claiming To Be FBI Agent Arrested After Stealing A Car

Jul 30, 2018

Heber City Police arrested a man after he stole a car while claiming to be an FBI agent. 

On Sunday afternoon 30-year-old Luke Menders approached another man at a 7-11 on Main street in Heber and asked for his keys. Heber City Police Detective Tammy Thacker explains Menders claim to the victim.

“He told the victim that he needed his car as part of an FBI operation.”

The man refused to give his keys to Menders, resulting in a confrontation.

“Menders assaulted the male individual and grabbed his keys and then ran out and got in the individuals car. The victim went to the car tried to attempt to stop Menders from leaving, Menders pushed him out of the way, so he could get in the car. The victim stood behind the car, Menders proceeded to back out almost hitting the victim and then took off stealing his vehicle." Thacker explained, "The individual called 9-1-1 and an ATL (attempt to locate) was put out. Officers were able to find the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop and make an arrest.”

The police report does not mention that Menders was under the influence of any substances. Menders was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, aggravated robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, denied drivers license, and impersonating a police officer. Detective Thacker reports that the victim in the case was unharmed.