Man Dies After Running Into Tanker Truck On US 40

May 15, 2019

Credit Utah Highway Patrol

The driver of a single-passenger car has died following an accident Wednesday morning on US 40.

Utah Highway patrol reports that the man was traveling Eastbound towards Heber on US 40 near mile marker 12 located just north of the River Road intersection.

At about 10:30 am the red Honda Civic came upon a slower moving tanker truck, for an unknown reason the driver of the civic failed to brake and ran into the back of the tanker.

After hitting the tanker, the civic swerved left and rolled into the ditch separating the four lanes of traffic. The tanker truck was loaded with diesel fuel but did not leak.

It was later reported that the driver succumbed to his injuries. No one else was in the passenger car and the highway patrol did not report any injuries to the driver of the commercial vehicle.