Mattress On Kilby Road Covered In Fake Blood

Nov 15, 2019

Credit Summit County Sheriff's

KPCW received reports of a blood-soaked mattress along the north side of Kilby road today. (Friday) Summit County Sheriff’s investigators have determined it was a fake blood substance, often used for Halloween costumes or displays.

Summit County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Andrew Wright thinks it is a prank. But it was a substantial amount of blood like substance on the mattress. He says it was enough to alarm drivers-by who contacted their office.

The woman that called us said she noticed the mattress yesterday but didn't happen to see any blood and I just got off the phone with the detective and he said there's no way you could not see this blood like substance. So, he is guessing that some, probably kids saw this mattress laying on the side of the road and thought it would be funny to make it appear to be a crime scene or something of the like. And so, they added the substance overnight and then the same woman saw it today and said, oh my gosh there's blood on it, and that's when she called us.”

Wright says they’ve removed the mattress and closed the investigation.