Mountain Money - December 28, 2020 - Year End Show

Dec 28, 2020

Mountain Money

Welcome to the Year End Show for KPCW's Mountain Money.  No matter which way you look at it, there is a lot we can look back on this year.  For this episode, Mountain Money went back and looked for interesting stories that were covered this year.

There are four highlighted in our Year End Show.

( 01:24)The first interview is with Professor Darrick Hamilton from Ohio State.  Hamilton is the Executive Director of the Kirwin institute for the study of race and ethnicity. The discussion between Professor Hamilton, Roger Goldman and Alison Kuhlow looks at the differences of economic status and opportunties based on race.  The conversation includes ideas of how these inequities can be eliminated.

( 19:36) Our second look back is an interview with trevor Milton, former CEO of Nikola Motor Company.  Milton spoke with Doug Wells and Roger Goldman in April about the strides Nikola was making in the electric vehicle marketplace. 

( 31:13) As the year went on, Nikola experienced a wave of difficulties.  CNBC's Market Reporter Pippa Stevens joined Mountain Money in October to lay out the downfall which included three marketplace trends: electric vehicles, Special Aquisition Companies and the rise of retail traders.

( 41.11)Nancy Volmer with the Salt Lake City International Airport joined Mountain Money in September to talk about the New SLC with Doug Wells and Alison Kuhlow.  We thought it would be fun to listen again to the improvements at the Salt Lake City airport – especially for those who have not been able to travel this year.

(47:43) Our final interview highlighted is with David Damschen, the Utah State Treasurer.  Treasurer Damschen talks about the Unclaimed Property Division that collects millions of dollars unclaimed money in lost or unclaimed money that are turned over to the State of Utah every year. This money comes from places like dormant bank accounts, old stock certificates, and uncollected insurance checks. Utahns can visit to see if they have unclaimed money.