New Details In Pinebrook Stabbing

Oct 31, 2019

Credit Summit County Sheriff's Department

An affidavit from a Summit County deputy adds some additional details to the case of a Pinebrook resident who reported he was stabbed, beaten and victimized by a couple later arrested in Salt Lake.   

The Probable Cause affidavit says that the resident responded to an ad on Craigslist for a housekeeper and arranged for the woman to come to his house, reportedly early Monday morning.

The report said that once the woman, 37-year-old Amber Lynn Lands, gained access to the home, she texted her husband, 42-year-old Steven D. White, and said it was time for him to come in and rob the resident.

Wearing a mask and gloves, White allegedly assaulted the victim, punching him in the face and stabbing him, while demanding money.    The couple stole some methamphetamine from the residence and fled.

They were arrested later that day in Salt Lake.    The pair admitted being in the victim’s house, but said White committed the assault because the resident  had sexually assaulted Lands.

They were booked into the Summit County Jail for Assault and Burglary charges.