New Fishing Experience For Utah Anglers

May 3, 2019

Credit Utah Division Of Wildlife Resources

What’s biting on Utah’s lakes and rivers this spring? What does the hatch look like on the Weber? What water ways have recently been stocked? The nearly 7000 anglers living in Wasatch and Summit Counties have a new tool that’s been designed to help them find a favorite fishing spot. They can go on to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources newly designed website and see data, details and descriptions before they head out fishing.

The web team wanted to provide a better experience for anglers with new technical updates to the DWR website. So, they’ve just rolled out an interactive fishing map covering most of the state’s waterways and lakes.

In the past, state biologists updated fishing reports weekly but often they lacked details about bodies of water that anglers would find useful. DWR Public Information Officer, Faith Heaton Jolley says the redesigned website and interactive map will include more features.

“The map basically lets you see all the different water bodies and then once you click on them, like a specific area, it'll give you details as far as like how to get to that location, what other anglers are saying about that water body, fishing regulations, how recently it was stocked. You know, amenities that are in that area. So, it's just we've tried to kind of create a one stop shop.”

Heaton Jolley says the site will allow users to rate the areas and share experiences.

“So, if you go fishing in an area, you can basically kind of rate one to five stars about your experience and so other anglers are getting that user feedback from fellow anglers.”

The DWR sold almost 3000 licenses in Wasatch County last year and nearly 4000 in Summit County. What to do about those anglers who might be tempted to sandbag their favorite stream? Heaton Jolley says the map has been up for about a week and it appears that anglers are providing accurate feedback on fishing conditions.

“Most people aren’t going to lie just to hoard a place to themselves, right? And we will also be providing our regular fishing reports as well.”

You can find a live link for the interactive map here on or go to under the fishing tab.