Online Motor Vehicle Renewals

Mar 22, 2020

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is asking the public to process their motor vehicle renewals online.   Although certain vehicles may not be eligible for online renewal, the majority of vehicles can be renewed by using an On the SPOT renewal station or online via Renewal Express.  Visit for a list of On the SPOT renewal stations near you or to connect to Renewal Express. The DMV advises customers to access Renewal Express through the state website https://  Please be warned:  There are several Third Party registration renewal companies that are privately owned, for-profit, websites that are not affiliated with any government agency.   The Utah DMV does not charge its customers to process renewals online using the state authorized web service, Renewal Express.  The easiest way to make sure you are in the correct online renewal system is to use the service through the state website:  While there, scroll down the home page to see a list of helpful online DMV Services.