Park City Board Of Ed Interviews Six To Replace Open District 3 Seat

Jan 15, 2019

Credit PCSD

 The Park City Board of Education meets Tuesday to swear in newly elected board member Kara Hendrickson. She replaces outgoing JJ Ehlers who served one term. One term board member Petra Butler announced her resignation last fall. The board plans to interview for her replacement immediately following the swearing in. Carolyn Murray has this:

Petra Butler has served on the school board since January 2016 having been elected for a four-year term. She announced her resignation in November of 2018. Six candidates have applied for the district 3 seat. Interviews to replace Butler’s district 3 seat are held in an open session.

The board will decide on Butler’s replacement during the regular board meeting on Tuesday January 23rd.  The meeting starts at 4 pm and deliberations will also occur in an open meeting. This is the third school board resignation in two years.

The six candidates are:

Chris Cunningham

Chris Crowley

Frances Fu

Anne Brown

Wendy Crossland

Allison Miller