Park City Boy's Tennis Team Captures State Title

May 14, 2019

Park City High School’s boy’s tennis team competed at the 4A Utah State Tournament in Salt Lake City over the weekend. Walking away with the top team honors.

Park City boy’s tennis team won their first state title since 2012 on Friday and Saturday. Miner’s tennis Coach Dillon Bunt says it took everything from the whole team to win the state title.

“It was a fantastic tournament,” Bunt continued. “It was close the whole way. What I really enjoyed was that every player in the varsity team that we sent to state contributed at least a point which is great. Some teams don't get some of their players into the second day we were lucky we had three teams playing on that second day which was huge. It came down to Will Efursey at third singles he was the last match being played and it was him versus a player from Bonneville. Basically, the way it worked out was whoever won that match, won the state tournament. So, it was a lot of pressure and I think they both knew that when they were playing. That was really the match of the tournament.”

The Miners were led by freshman Dylan Applegate who won an individual title in first singles, Sophomore Tucker Lee who finished second place in second singles, and as Coach Bunt mentioned Sophomore Will Efursey’s title win in third singles.

Coach Bunt says Applegate has the potential for a great high school career ahead of him.

“Dylan’s a great player,” Bunt explained. “He's training pretty much full time and playing as much as he can and traveling to tournaments. He had a blast on the team this year and he really kind of set the tone for our team. He's just a phenomenal player and only a freshman too. So, it's kind of scary to think about the potential; how good he could really be.”

Coach Bunt says that with three underclassmen leading the way the team has a bright future ahead.

“We have only two seniors,” Bunt said. “One of our seniors played second doubles for us, but we have a very young team. Our top three players are freshmen and two sophomores so that bodes well for us. We're moving up at 5A next year, but I think will be competitive and still be strong. Fantastic season it was my first season. I'm just really lucky to have fantastic players that got the job done. They were awesome and they deserve all the credit.”