Park City Elects New Mayor

Nov 7, 2017

Andy Beerman was elected to Park City Mayor's office Tuesday night

Park City voters elected a new mayor Tuesday night.  City Councilman Andy Beerman defeated Dana Williams by more than 200 votes, with 1,318 votes to Williams' 1,100.   Beerman was in his second term on council.  He had run for Mayor in 2014, but lost to Jack Thomas.  Williams was Park City's mayor from 2002 - 2014.  

In an interview with KPCW Tuesday night, Beerman said he thought his victory meant that voters think the city is on the right track.  He also said he will continue to work towards what he calls a "complete community" that contains more affordable housing.

In the race for city council, Tim Henney was the top vote-getter, wining re-election with 1,592 votes.  Steve Joyce was  also elected with 1,493 votes, defeating Josh Hobson, who had 551 votes, and Mark Blue, who had 353 votes.