Park City High School Students Campaign For Clean Energy In School District

Jan 10, 2021

Solar panels on top of City Hall. Park City has pledged to run on 100% renewable energy for all city run operations by next year. Park City School District can help with the city's lofty goals. 
Credit Park City Municipal Government

A group of Park City High School students will present a clean energy campaign to the Park City School Board of Education next week.

The campaign promotes 100% clean energy by 2030 throughout the school district. It also would transition schools away from gas by 2040. 



Megan Ellis is a senior at Park City High School and the co-president of the Earth Club. She spoke to KPCW last week, she said there are short term, smaller projects and long term, larger projects involved with their campaign. 

“What is our lighting? What is our, you know, charging our computers? The little examples like that, that's 100% renewable energy by 2030,” Ellis said. “Then the second part is the goal of getting off of gas, so that we are truly a green district. So that means in our buses, that means converting our heating system, those are larger and much pricier goals.” 

Park City has committed to run all city operations on 100% renewable energy by next year. And by 2030, they aim to have the entire community using clean energy. The campaign states “the school district can play a key role in helping to achieve [those] goals.”

The students have been working with the Sierra Club Utah chapter for six months on the campaign. This week, they will present to the school board for a second time, after originally introducing it in September.  

“We got a very warm reaction,”  she said. “Then, as expected...a very long to do list of the things that they were then looking from us of ways that we can move forward.”

Ellis said in hopes of the school board agreeing, the resolution is non-binding.

The students have also created a petition for their campaign, which has over 500 signatures. They plan to present to the school board Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 4 p.m.


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This story has been updated. A previous version said the students would present their campaign Jan. 12. This has been changed to the correct date, Jan. 19.