Park City History Bits - July 11, 2013

Jul 30, 2013

Premiered July 11, 2013

Who is CB’s ski run named after?

This is Bill Redeker, with your weekly Park City History Bit.Businessman Nicholas Badami bought Park City Ski Resort – now Park City Mountain Resort – from Edgar Stern in 1975. Badami’s son Craig soon joined him, and together they worked out the kinks of running a successful resort by selling off the ski area’s lodging and restaurants to locals and focusing solely on skiing. In 1985, Craig convinced the International Ski Federation to add a Park City stop to the World Cup ski tour early in the season to show off the resort’s snow and snowmaking capabilities. The young Badami also sponsored the US Ski Team’s women racers. Craig was tragically killed in a helicopter accident in 1989, but his spirit still soars today above the Eagle Race arena and the CB’s run named after him. 

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