Park City Institute Announces Musicians, Comedians, Dancers Coming To Eccles Center, Schools

47 minutes ago

The Park City Institute announced a fresh season of music, dance and other events coming to the Eccles Main Stage starting in early October.

Credit Danny Seraphine

At its season reveal event at the O.P. Rockwell hall Tuesday, Park City Institute President Ari Ioannides announced a range of acts coming to the Eccles Center Main Stage. They’ll include four music and two dance performances, and five speakers, which include comedians, authors and a space photographer among others.

Shows kick off October 9 with Ami Vitale, a National Geographic wildlife photographer known for following the last white rhino. Ioannides said another highlight will be comedy group Second City from Chicago performing sketch and improv sets.

The first musical group will be Danny Seraphine and CTA in November. Others to come later in the year include So Percussion and Groupo Fantasma for a Latin-themed event where everything will be in Spanish.

At the reveal event, Ioannides told the audience the calendar was especially meaningful after an off year due to the pandemic.

He also said the Park City Institute is looking to coordinate student engagement between about half of the performers and Park City schools.

“Danny Seraphine has offered to play with a percussion group with students. So Percussion, they do something called 'Above the Noise,' which is just a great piece, and that’ll get the students on stage. Second City has offered to do for the drama class an improv session. We also have offers from Terry Virts, he’s going to do a dedicated show for the students, where they’ll get to really meet an astronaut, which is exciting," Ioannides told KPCW.

He clarified that the classroom engagement efforts are still unofficial, largely because they’d require teachers to rearrange schedules.

“What we’ve done for the first time this year is provide the school district with a comprehensive report. It’s hard for them to take advantage of every opportunity. Teachers are busy, schedules are tight.”

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