Park City Man Arrested On Charges Of Attempted Murder

May 21, 2020

A Park City man was charged with attempted murder Thursday after threating to shoot and kill another man who had a child with his ex-wife. 

According to court documents, 42 year old Noe Rivera Zarate was charged with aggravated assault – a third degree felony for sticking a gun in the abdomen of the victim Hugo Leonardo and telling him he was going to die.

The Affidavit of Probable Cause filed with Summit County’s Third District Court says the alleged crime took place on Tuesday [May 19,2020] after Zarate called Leonardo asking if the two of them could meet to discuss “family issues.”

In his statement to police, Leonardo said they two spoke for about three hours. Leonardo is the father of a child he had with Zarate’s ex-wife. Zarate told Leonardo he doesn’t want him around his ex-wife or the child.

Leonardo said the discussion never turned aggressive until the end. After some three hours, Leonardo told Zarate he was going home and it was then that Zarate pushed him into the side of a car, took a gun from his back waistband and stuck it in Leonardo’s abdomen and told him he wasn’t going anywhere -  but was going to die.

Leonardo refused to go behind an office building where Zarate planned to shoot him. He told Zarate that his wife was recording them and he was recording the conversation with the phone in his pocket. When Leonardo promised he wouldn’t go around Zarate’s ex-wife or child again, Zarate left and Leonardo contacted police.

Zarate was arrested and is being held without bail in the Summit County jail. The judge found that Zarate is a substantial danger to the community or is likely to flee if released on bail.