Park City Mucipal Considers Revisions To 2019 Budget

Dec 10, 2018


Credit Park City Municipal Corporation

Park City Municipal budget discussions usually take place in the spring, but City Staff is asking the Council to approve about $70,000-dollars in budget increases immediately. The special meeting is Tuesday  at 2 PM. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Fiscal Year 2019 budget adjustment recommendations are being made based on a request from council to make changes to a few city positions to better fulfill certain areas of focus. Park City Manager, Diane Foster said the focus areas include community engagement, social equity and community development customer service.

"Council, during their mid-year retreat actually asked us to go ahead and look at making some changes mid-year to what we were doing. So, we’re going to create a position, boots on the ground, direct outreach, not only to Main Street businesses but also the rest of the community. That front facing person. We’re also looking on the social equity front, creating some funding to hire some part time help. We have some internal folks who have been helping with that. And, the one that I especially love, and I think we have a great amount of community support for, is hiring and creating positions for people with disabilities.”

Foster said they want the council to approve about $25,000-dollars to fund a pilot program to hire people with developmental disabilities. She said private businesses are also taking on similar hiring projects.

“And, we are doing this one a little bit backwards. We are creating the positions and we are creating the funding. But we don’t exactly know what it looks like. We’ve gotten some great input from staff around the city. But we’re going to be working with parents and people from that representative community, people with developmental disabilities to say what do you want to do. There are other positions that we can create that can address and be available to people with all different abilities.”

A few years ago, Budget Manager, Nate Rockwood took on the project to develop the 5-acre parcel on Bonanza Drive which will be the Park City Arts and Cultural District. He was also given the responsibility of the Transient Room Tax implementation. His new job will include the Arts and Culture Department, the Park City Redevelopment Authority and the Office of Capital Management. Foster said Budget Office job realignments will not have any impact on the 2019 operating budget.

“This is the first step in starting to use that funding to do the work on the Arts and Cultural District. So, Nate’s role will change a little bit. His title will change. It will be Redevelopment and Capital Management Director. Jed Brigg’s role which is in there as Administrative Services. Jed will have a modification to his position because he is taking on some of Nate’s responsibilities. So, he’ll be our primary Budget Operating Officer. Also, primarily responsible for special service grants and those types of things."

Foster said the Arts and Culture District planning is underway and Rockwood has visited the Breckenridge community to learn about their program.

“Talking about plat amendments and master planning layout…but everything I’ve seen is super exciting and I think in the next few months, you’ll see some more public discussion of that. We’re still pretty far away from deciding exactly what kind of businesses are going to go in there and exactly what kind of arts, our partners at Sundance and Kimball going to do, verses the City. But that’s going to be an exciting couple of years coming up.”

Agenda items also include Councils previous request to staff to put in place a Park Avenue Parking Plan by mid-December. Foster said it’s complicated and they still need to talk more with residents so they’re asking Council to hold off on implementation. They ultimately want to protect the residents near the resort and make sure their parking spaces aren’t taken up by day skiers.

Park City provides live streaming of council meetings and staff is recommending the city add closed captions for more access to the hearing impaired.