Park City Police Department Disposing All Unclaimed Property At The End of March

Mar 4, 2021

Credit Park City Municipal Government

If you’ve ever lost anything around town, there’s generally two places you check...KPCW’s Lost and Found or the Park City Police Department. At the end of this month, the police department will be disposing unclaimed property.




Once or twice a year, the police department donates or throws away all of the items they’ve accumulated. The department has a property and evidence room that can function as a lost and found but also houses things like police evidence as well as seized property.

Madison Sinsley is an evidence technician at the department. She said they have a high success rate of returning things.


"Because we have resources that aren't as readily available to say just a normal citizen or a business, we have ways of locating people in order to return property that others might not have," Sinsley said. "So it's kind of become sort of a common process for people to turn in found property to us."

She said items without any ID on them, like car keys and phones are harder to get back to the owner. 

The department purges items once they have an abundance of them. Sinsley said they have three different disposal methods: electronic recycling, donations to the Park City Christian Center or taking things to the dump. 

To claim a lost item before the department disposes of it, you can call 435-615-5521 by Mar. 31.