Park City Police Department Report Car Break in at White Barn

Sep 15, 2020

Credit Renai Bodley Miller

  Park City Police Department reported a car break in at the White Barn on Saturday night. Captain Phil Kirk with the Department said the break in happened on Saturday between 6 and 8:30 p.m. 

The victims were taking photos by the barn, and didn’t realize their car had been broken into. 

They believed that their car was locked. And it wasn’t until the victims got home that they realized they were missing a wallet and cash. 

Kirk said there was no sign of forced entry, so he’s not sure how the suspect was able to get into the car. 

Kirk said breaks in that area don’t happen often, but they do happen occasionally. He said areas where cars are parked and left unattended for long periods — like at the white barn and other trailheads — can be susceptible to break-ins.