Park City School District Wants Survey Input On Grade Alignment

May 10, 2019

Credit PCSD

The Park City School District Master Planning Committee has identified four options for grade alignment. The Board of Education, before deciding, wants input from you, the community.  A survey can be taken on their website at

The survey is a culmination of seven months of work by a diverse group of stakeholders. The four options were presented to the school board last month and before making their decision, they want to know what the public thinks.

Park City School District Communications Director, Melinda Colton says it’s time for the public to weigh in on what they want to see happen in the schools.

“Things about pre-school. What do you want our elementary education to look like? Do you want K-5 schools, K-6 schools? Maybe, even a K-8 school. Do you really want ninth grade in the high school? We’ve seen a consensus about that on a smaller scale. This opens it up to the community, to parents, to teachers, to students. Do you truly believe with this consensus? And then, where do we want high schools to be located?  Do we want one high school? Do we want two?  And then the middle school. Do we want an addition? Do we want it to be six, seven? Six, seven, eight?"

There are eight questions that are mostly multiple-choice with one open ended question.

The grade alignment school options can be found on a live link on, as can the survey in both English and Spanish.

The survey closes May 16th.  The results will be presented at the next school board meeting on May 21st.