Park City Transit Schedule Changes Early As Part Of COVID-19 Response

Mar 15, 2020

Credit Park City

The Park City Transit system will move to its spring schedule a month early, as part of a public health order from the Summit County government in response to COVID-19.

The bus system was scheduled to keep its expanded winter service running until April 12, after the peak season ends, but Park City Manager Matt Dias says the system will fully transition to spring service schedules and routing on Wednesday, March 18.

Some changes to the system from peak winter service include:

  • Timing depends on the route, but in general, citywide service ends earlier
  • The yellow and blue routes will be suspended until winter
  • The green will maintain its winter routing but won’t go to Deer Valley
  • The orange will be suspended until the summer service schedule begins on June 5
  • The lime will maintain winter routing with the addition of service to Park Avenue, the Old Town Transit Center and Deer Valley
  • After 7:10 p.m. the white will go from 10-minute frequency to every 15 minutes
  • The PC-SLC Connect will maintain its winter schedule until April 5, when the 901 bus and weekend service will be suspended until next winter

Additionally, the Kimball Junction Circulator will be suspended until further notice by the county.

Dias says the action is intended to slow community spread of COVID-19 by reducing services but also balance obligations to transit-dependent community members and employees.

According to the city’s website, Park City buses are being cleaned and disinfected daily.

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