Planning Department Asking Summit County Council To Budget For Additional Planner

Dec 10, 2018

Credit Summit County

The Summit County Council is scheduled to hold a second public hearing—and vote on a proposed 2019 budget—at their regular session this Wednesday, December 12th at the Coalville Courthouse. Among many items, the council will consider adding a planner for Community Development director Pat Putt, who talked to us last week about where he saw the need.

Putt told KPCW last week that they haven’t seen any major new developments at the planning counter lately.

But he said another planner could help them address long-range projects that his department has been promising for a year or two.

“Those things include finishing up the comprehensive rewrite of the Snyderville Basin Development Code. Going back and taking a look at both the Eastern Summit County and the Basin general plan. We’ve got engineering standards that we need to be working on. We can’t lose the fact that we’re more than just zoning administers here. We should be doing some strategic long-range planning. That’s where I’ve tried to explain to the council where we need the help and the assistance. Always remember it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large project, a Canyons master plan redo, a Camp Woodward facility. Oftentimes just given the nature of our zoning regulations, our zoning and entitlement history, Sometimes the small projects end up being the very time-consuming projects. I believe we need the help.”