Positive Affordable Housing Recommendation Forwarded by Park City Planning Commission

Feb 11, 2021

Credit Park City Municipal

The Park City Planning Commission forwarded a positive recommendation for affordable housing incentives to city council at their meeting Wednesday night. The amendments now await final approval later this month.


Wednesday’s positive recommendation to city council by the Park City Planning Commission marks the penultimate step in a three-year process to amend the city’s land management code for affordable housing developments.


The vote was unanimous by commissioners after a continuation was requested on January 28th following an initial public hearing.


The amendments to the land management code would have developers qualify for various incentives if they plan to build at least 50% of the total residential units in their development or redevelopment project as affordable housing.


The city is proposing incentives like a reduction to off-street parking requirements and easing restrictions on building heights if developers commit to the construction of more affordable housing units.


Public comment on Wednesday did raise some concern over building height exemptions. The proposed incentive would allow buildings of up to 45 feet in height and community member Deborah Rentfrow asked whether or not buildings that tall could easily fit into the current community.


“So, if you consider the zones in which we’re looking at approving a 45-foot height allowance, and then you look at what is currently allowed, it could be very difficult to minimize the visual impact on the adjacent structures that are already existing in that area before this development would occur,” Rentfrow said.


Commissioner Sarah Hall shared some of Rentfrow’s concerns about building height, but ultimately said the commission was eager to forward a recommendation to city council and move the process forward.


“I think everyone in the commission feels the same way, that we really need to take bold action,” said Hall. “When I just read the draft ordinance in its entirety, I feel really good about everything and the only thing that gives me cause or hesitation is the 45-foot height exemption and I am really conflicted about that because I feel like in some areas, it would blend in enough. I do share the public comment concern that in other areas it would be, it would stand out a lot more.”


The positive recommendation by the planning commission moves the code amendments to city council for final approval later this month.