Progress On Dakota Pacific, East County Code On RVs? Pat Putt Has Report

Feb 8, 2021

Credit Pat Putt

In his recent interview with KPCW, Summit County Development Director Pat Putt discussed two major projects they’re busy with, on each side of the county.

In Snyderville, analysis is continuing on the proposed Dakota Pacific plan at Kimball Junction.

Meanwhile, the East Side Planning Commisison is busy working on Code regulations to address trailers or RV’s on single-family lots.  

After a public hearing on Dakota Pacific last month, the County Council decided to form small sub-groups, including staffers and Council Members, to analyze different aspects of the project.

Putt said that Council Members Doug Clyde and Chris Robinson will be in the group looking at uses, density and site design.

On Sustainability, the staff will work with Glenn Wright.

The sub-group on traffic and transportation will include Wright and Robinson.    And Housing will include Roger Armstrong and Malena Stevens.

Putt mentioned one other topic.       

“Phasing.   I guess you wouldn’t call it a sub-group or sub-committee, if all of them were gonna be involved.  But any discussion that would talk about bundling all of those elements into some sort of a phasing plan, they wanna do that together.”

Meanwhile, the East Side Planning Commisison has been struggling to define when an RV, or several RV’s, would be allowed on a single-family lot.    Putt said they’ve made good progresss after four meetings on the topic,

He said it looks like the panel will recommend that commercial RVs not be allowed in residential subdivisions.       

“They probably need to be in specific areas.  They’ve been working on a Recreational Commercial zone.  We’re gonna be going back in about six weeks to actually take up that topic.  We had an initial draft about a year and a half ago, and then we got busy on other items.”

He outlined the rule they’re considering for private campers.      

“Property owners will be permitted to use RVs to camp on their private property.   And they’ll be allowed to have up to two.  If those RVs are hooked up to a waste-water system, and approved septic system, and they have power and water, they would be able to use those two RVs for camping for up to 14 days within a one-month period.  If they’re not hooked up to a septic system and a water system, then you’d be allowed to use those for three consecutive days within a month.”

Putt said there would be a couple of exceptions.     

“Question came up, well, what about people come up for Pioneer Day or Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.  They have a family reunion.   Well there would be the opportunity for a one-week period where you could have more than two RVs for the family gatherings.  The code, as proposed to be amended, would allow for the storage of RVs.”

Development Director Pat Putt, who added that the RV use is sometimes also tied to a junk problem.    He said they will likely model an ordinance after a current junk regulation in Snyderville.