Salt Lake Man Enters Plea Agreement After Shooting His Brother At A Canyons Hotel

May 15, 2019

A Salt Lake Valley man arrested last month for shooting his older brother at a Canyons hotel entered into a plea agreement Monday with Summit County prosecutors.

The defendant, 32-year-old Christopher Leahy Head, has been confined to the Summit County Jail. After his approval of the plea agreement, Third District Court Judge Patrick Corum ordered the man’s release.

Sheriff deputies reported last month that while the brothers and their families were staying at the Westgate Hotel, an argument broke out between the siblings. The younger Head fired a handgun, striking his 35-year-old brother in the rear.

Under the agreement, Head pled Guilty to a count of Discharge of a Firearm; and Possession of a Firearm by a Restricted Person—both third-degree felonies. Seven other charges, including Domestic Violence and Reckless Endangerment, were dropped.

Deputy Prosecutor Blake Hills read the formal charges against the defendant.

“The facts of the offense are on the date charged the defendant discharged a firearm in the direction of his brother and in fact a shot hit his brother,” Hills explained. “The defendant is a restricted person who cannot have firearms, based on drug use and possession.”

The defense counsel, David Shapiro, said that Christopher Head lacked a criminal record and had never been convicted of a felony.

The defendant told the court that his brother is his best friend.

As for the victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injures from the argument, he had asked to meet with the county to help out his younger brother, according to Hills.

Hills said the older brother had since then suffered a catastrophic accident on an ATV and was presently hospitalized with at least one brain injury.

The prosecution agreed to lift an order that prohibited Head from contacting witnesses in the case.

Hill said at this time, they want to leave the no-contact order in place for the older brother. Judge Corum, talking to attorney Shapiro and the defendant, said he could change that later, given the brother’s medical condition.

“Do we have any notion? Is he going to recover?” Judge Corum asked.

“In some form, it sounds like,” Shaprio answered. “I spoke with his mother in some form you can recover but it sounds like—”

Ok, Mr. Head if for some reason his prognosis worsens and it looks like he may not make it for some reason, I have no idea what his condition is, please contact Mister Shapiro,” Judge Corum told Head. “That's something we could look at. I have no desire to preclude you from seeing your brother under such circumstances.”

“Yeah, my brother’s my best friend.” Head replied.

“I have no doubt of that sir,” Judge Corum said. “So, we will leave the no contact order in place for the time being with your brother. For the time being, but for the rest of your family the no contact order is lifted.”

Head’s sentencing is set for June 24th.