Search Continues For Two Men Missing At Strawberry Reservoir

Jul 19, 2019

Law enforcement officials continue their search for the two men.
Credit Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office continues their search for two men who went missing Thursday afternoon while fishing.

Around 2:30 on Thursday a DWR employee at Strawberry Reservoir noticed an unoccupied boat running in the lake coming to stop on the shore in the northeast portion of Strawberry.

Since that time Wasatch County Sheriff’s office has been busy searching for the two men, brothers aged 70 and 61 from Salem and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Wasatch County Sheriff Jared Rigby says they’ve found shoes and a hat in that area.

The two men visit Strawberry frequently and the men’s family members said they are creatures of habit. The boat found on shore had the motor running with a fish on the line. Family members say that a net is missing from the boat that normally would be there.

One theory being considered is that the men could have been attempting to net the fish and fell into the reservoir.

The family reports the men are good swimmers, but officials are unsure whether the men were wearing life jackets. The family members say some life jackets are missing from the boat but searches of the shore and scans of the surface of the lake have not found the men. Sheriff Ribgy reports the reservoir is cold, temperatures at Strawberry were 66 degrees last night.

The sheriff’s department along with several other law enforcement agencies will continue using sonar technology, helicopters and other tools to search the northeast section of Strawberry. That section remains closed to recreationists.