Second Pedestrian Hit By A Car In First Days Of Sundance

Jan 27, 2020

Credit PCPD

A pedestrian was struck by an automobile while using a cross walk on Saddle View Way just off SR 224. The accident happened Friday night at 9:30 PM.

On Friday, a 40-year old woman was hit by a dodge challenger while crossing Saddle View way. The road runs through the office park north of the police station on SR 224.

Last week a woman was critically injured while crossing Park Avenue near the Fresh Market. She was struck in the crosswalk while a red light was reportedly blinking to alert drivers of the presence of pedestrians.

An elk was injured from a vehicle collision on SR 224 in the early morning hours on Thursday. It was left injured on the road. A Park City Transit driver alerted authorities of the animal trying to crawl across the road. He did not observe the accident, but the incident is considered a hit and run by the Highway Patrol because it was not reported.

 Park City Police Public Information Officer Phil Kirk says the woman who was struck by a vehicle on Friday declined medical treatment.

“The person was hit in the crosswalk by a Dodge Challenger. The pedestrian was a 40-year-old female and was conscious and breathing.  Sounds like the caller was the driver of the vehicle who said they hit a person in the crosswalk. Sounds like she was given a ride home. So, she did not require her to be transported for medical treatment.  She was given ride home in a personal vehicle.”

The Park City Police Department is still waiting for the Friday incident report to be filed.

Kirk says it’s important for people to use lights while out walking in the dark and for motorists to take special care while driving during Sundance recognizing the event draws thousands of people who are frequently walking all over town.