Senate District 26 Forum Part 3

Jun 14, 2018

Senate District 26 Candidates from left to right: (D) Pat Vaughn, (R) Brian Gorum, (United Utah) Cathy Callow-Heusser, (D) Eileen Gallagher, (R) Jack Rubin

The Park City Unit of the League of Women Voters, hosted the candidates for Senate District 26 in a forum in Heber City on Wednesday June 13th. Republic candidates Jack Rubin and Brian Gorum, Democratic candidates Pat Vaughn and Eileen Gallagher and United Utah candidate Cathy Callow-Heusser were all in attendance. Republican Primary Candidate Ron Winterton was unable to attend.

Part 3 features the candidates giving closing remarks and answering the following questions

"Six-percent of the U.S. population owns 84% of the US wealth. This leaves 16% for the rest of us. How does a middle class to lower class citizen survive on this? Would you support a $15 an hour minimum wage?"

"Do you anticipate any state senate votes on environmental issues during your first year? Such as air quality or protection of public lands? If so, how do you plan to vote?"

You can find parts 1 and 2 below.