Sheriff's Office Responds To A Few Unusual Crimes This Week

Aug 21, 2018

Credit Summit County Sheriff's Department

According to the Sheriff’s incident report, a woman in Pinebrook last Wednesday reported a case of Criminal Mischief. She said that overnight, the car belonging to her teenage son had been wrapped in plastic. It was also covered with kitty litter and condoms.

The vehicle sustained no physical damage. The report said there were no leads and no suspects.

Later, on Sunday, a woman said she was defrauded after she went on and bought a tortoise. She said she made the purchase from an individual in Vernal and sent the suspect $350 to have the animal shipped to her.

The tortoise hasn’t arrived. When she checked with the shipping company that the suspect claimed to have used, they had no record of a tortoise being shipped. The case is being investigated.