Snyderville Planning Commission Has Mixed Feelings on Colony HOA Expansion Proposal

Mar 1, 2021

A development request from the Colony Homeowners Association is headed to the Summit County Council. But it’s going there with a negative recommendation from the Snyderville Planning Commission.


Snyderville Chairman Ryan Dickey said his group had mixed feelings about the proposal.


The proposal calls for using ten parcels in The Colony, near the Canyons Village of Park City Mountain Resort, for employee housing, a maintenance facility, and an HOA lodge with recreational amenities. 


Dickey told KPCW that they thought some elements of the plan were worthy.


“Employee housing is a benefit and HOA private maintenance facilities are a benefit,” Dickey said. “So getting plows and snow trucks off the road and into the development is important. The staff report and in the discussion among the Commission, we talked about, can you sorta slice and dice the recommendation, for lack of a better word, say, private on-mountain facility, private club for the Colony within the resort doesn’t really meet the intent of the Colony SPA. But certainly some of those other provisions could.”


He said they voted, based on the applicant’s request for a decision.


“The applicant was very clear, the Colony, coming to us, said, this is one project, this is a list of items that we wanna do,” Dickey said. “We’re looking for an up-and-down vote. We don’t want approvals and denials on specific pieces. And I think at some point, you have to respect the request from the applicant themselves. It’s one cohesive project and we gave them the up-or-down decision that they wanted. And clearly there were some things the Commission were uncomfortable with, and so that turned into a down.”