Snyderville Recreation District Sets Tax Hearing

Oct 23, 2019


The Snyderville Recreation District will bring their proposed tax increase to a public hearing in early December.     District Director Brian Hanton had details during his recent visit to KPCW.

The District is asking for a 72 percent tax increase, and while Hanton agreed that seems like a lot, he said they haven’t  had a tax hike since 2004.    And  they’ve developed a lot of infrastructure in  15 years.

The district has created two community parks; they’ve gone from 66 acres of open space to over 2200; and he said 84 percent of their amenities  don’t generate revenue.

He said there’s a number of capital improvements they need to address.       

“Our playgrounds, we replaced one this year.  Willow Creek Park is another one that we’re looking to replace in the next couple of years.   We know Matt Knoop doesn’t seem old, but it gets a lot of love.   Matt Knoop Park is in need of repair in a couple of years.   So there’s lots of little things that we can tick off with this increase.”

The tax would raise about $2.4 million a year.   The cost would be nearly $13 per $100,000 of a home’s market value---or for the median-priced home of $800,000, about $100 a year.

Hanton said they will go to County Council on December 4th, for a public hearing on the tax increase and their overall budget.