South And North Summit High Drill Teams Head To State Competition This Weekend

Jan 30, 2019

High School athletes from North and South Summit High School will be competing this weekend at the state drill team competition.

UPDATE: South Summit has advanced to the finals on Friday morning. Their performance times will be approx. 9:20, 11:20, and 12:30 Friday morning.

The competition takes place this weekend at the UCCU events center at Utah Valley University in Orem.

Both North Summit and South Summit High School drill teams won their region meet last week.

North Summit Coach Whisper Breshears says this was the first time in nearly a decade that the Braves were region champions in drill.

“Our region meet was actually last Saturday and our team actually placed first in region. That was exciting for them. That was the first time in nine years that North Summit has taken region in drill team.”

Each team will perform three numbers in military, dance and kick categories. Coach Breshears says the girl’s favorite number is their dance in the kick category.

“The girls love their kick routine the most. It’s just a fun piece that they put a lot of energy into and it seems like it’s a crowd pleaser as well. Their second favorite is probably their military dance because they get to be fierce and mean in it.”

Coach Breshears says they have high hopes for the competition.

“I think they’ll do pretty well they’ve kind of gone head-to-head with other teams in 2A throughout the year. They’ve always been up there within the top two, so I honestly think they’ll do pretty well. I’ll be surprised if I don’t see them place in the top three this Friday.”

North Summit will compete in the 2A division on Friday at UVU’s UCCU event center. The division begins Friday at 4:30 in the afternoon with North Summit’s first performance scheduled for 5:30 pm their next dance at 6:30 and their last dance scheduled for 8:00, awards will follow immediately after.

Meanwhile South Summit High School drill team competes in the 3A division. That division has a preliminary round on Thursday with teams placed in pods, South Summit Coach Nicole Walton explains the top two in each pod advance to the finals on Friday.

“We’ve been up against one of the other teams that’s in our pod, Richfield. Richfield has actually beat us twice, but I think we will do well against them this weekend. The other two teams we haven’t seen yet but, in our seeding, we’re favored to win so hopefully that goes as planned and we will go on to finals.”

For the last five years South Summit has taken 2nd place in the state.

“Historically we’ve done really well. This year I feel like it’s going to be a little bit harder I feel like all the competition has gone up a little bit this year so there’s about the top five are pretty close to each other. It’ll be kind of a close year so we’ll see but I think my girls will do great. They’ve been training hard and working really hard during practice and I think we’ll do good.”

Coach Walton says she thinks that dance routine might be the team favorite of their three performances.

“I think dance is their favorite. It’s kind of a lyrical routine this year which means it has kind of more feeling to it. It’s typical just normal dance that people know. I think that’s usually their favorite. This year our Kick/Character is can-can dancers. So that ones just a fun one to do, especially if the crowd gets into it.”

That’s South Summit High Drill Coach Nicole Walton. The Wildcat’s dance on Thursday around 4:30, 5:30 and 6:45 pm. If they advance to the finals KPCW will have the Friday morning dance times on our website.