South Summit School District Super Moving On

Nov 4, 2020

Credit South Summit School District

The South Summit School District Board of Education is searching for an interim superintendent.

South Summit School District Superintendent Shad Sorenson submitted his resignation to the school board last month. He plans to assist the board in finding an interim superintendent who would be able to guide the school district for the second semester beginning in January. He’s been offered an administrative position within another school district but is not able to announce the new assignment until the middle of November.“I’ve taken a position with another district that I'm excited about and looking forward for the opportunity to grow. And they have two new board members coming on possibly a third, based on the election and so they wanted the new board to be able to hire the Superintendent and so that’s the reason they went with the interim approach.”

His resignation letter to the school staff outlines his appreciation for the accomplishments of the staff, teacher’s, and students. 

 “I’m leaving in a place where I think the district is in great shape. I know we have amazing, capable leaders and faculty and staff and it's a dream team. And so like on one hand you would be like why leave? And on the other hand, it just feels like it's the right time to do a new chapter in my life.”

Sorenson says they’re not looking for the interim superintendent to make big changes. And they will welcome applications from inside and outside of the district.

“The board is looking for someone to come and to provide training and onboarding for new board members. To be able to provide leadership at the legislative level. People that have experience in developing a new budget 'cause this interim Superintendent will be working with administration and our business administrator in the budget, and then the daily operations of managing the school district.”

Sorenson has presided over the South Summit School District since 2014. Prior to that he was Dean of Students at Utah Valley University.