With Start Of Ski Season, Park City Chamber Looks Ahead To Winter Bookings

Nov 29, 2019

Credit Deer Valley Resort

The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau counts the winter season as November through April. Chamber/Bureau CEO Bill Malone says, for those bookend months, lodging numbers are a little low, but he says November and April always lag behind the other months. As for those other months, currently, Malone says they’re behind on last year’s counts.


“When we look at December, January, February, March, we’re slightly behind where we were last year at this point in time," Malone said. "But like we say, nothing that a good snowstorm can't make those numbers improve.”

Malone says each year there’s a shorter period between the time visitors book their stays and the time they arrive. Malone says in terms of daily occupancy, though, there are peaks the first two weekends of December—higher than last year—and then more bookings after Christmas.

“It really doesn’t hit until the 26th," Malone said. "It's still people want to experience their holiday at home, and schools don't let out until the 20th of the month. You have a couple of days in there before Christmas, and then the bigger crowds arrive at that time.”

Last season holds a record in skier days for Park City—over two million, up 17% from the year prior, and occupancy was up 2.4%. Malone says destination guests are steady, but the ups and downs in skier days is likely due to local and regional skiers chasing the snow.