Summit Council Member Wright Comments On Protests, Local Law Enforcement

Jun 7, 2020


Like the rest of the country, the Park City area has taken note of the tragic death of George Floyd and the issue of police brutality.   

At the same time, Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright said they’re fortunate that the officers of Summit County and Park City work extraordinarily well with the community.  

Wright talked to KPCW after attending the rally held this week by Park City High students.       

“I think the students who ran the protest did a really good job bringing out the issues of inherent racism in our community.  But the one thing I was a little taken back by was a statement that all police are bad and all police are racist.  That’s certainly not the case in Summit County.  We have well-run law-enforcement organizations here.”

He said it’s a very difficult, stressful job.       

“And the people we need in those organizations have to have a unique combination of strength, courage and empathy for the public.  And a lot of the result of getting those people really comes from the leadership—the selection, the training and the leadership of the people in those organizations I think are exemplary here in Summit County.  Both Sheriff Martinez and Chief Carpenter have done an extraordinary job in creating  really professional law-enforcement organizations.”

Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright.