Summit County Council Will Look More At Changes In Emergency Staffing

Feb 10, 2020

Credit Summit County

The Summit County Council, after discussing some changes to their emergency planning staff this week, will be looking to get more information.

Council member Glenn Wright says he’s hoping the item returns in about a month. 

As we’ve reported, the Council has been asked to  split up the staff position that has combined two jobs—Emergency Planning Director and Emergency Public Health Planner.

Wright said he understands the position of the staff.   But he also understands why his Council colleagues were perturbed that this item was coming up after budget season.

“Yeah, we should’ve probably addressed that last year.  But I think the Health Department and County Manager were trying to get through another year with a dual position.    And just in the last few weeks, I guess the State Health Department talked to our County Health Department, said you really need to have a full-time person in that position.  So if we don’t do so, we’re gonna risk losing some grant money.  So we’re gonna have to try to address it.”

He said they expect to hear from County Manager Tom Fisher about locating revenues for the Emergency Manager position.         

“There are some ways it can be handled, and still stay within the budget.  Because our budget contemplates full-time people all year round.  And we have some continual turn-over.  So as we—and there’s always some gap between departures and arrivals for those positions.  So there is a little money in the compensation fund that we, that can be—but we want to hear a plan from Tom Fisher on how he wants to do it.”

Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright.