Summit County Gets A Seat On Central Wasatch Commission

Jun 22, 2018

The board of the Central Wasatch Commission has decided  to give Summit County a seat  on the panel.    But  the decision has to go through a ratification process. 

The Summit County Council  wrote a letter last January asking for a seat with  the Commisison.    

Following a meeting of the Central Wasatch group on Wednesday, Summit County’s Deputy Manager Janna  Young  said  the group agreed to designate Summit County as the representative for  the Wasatch Back.

Along with that, Park City would have a seat of its own.

But the decision has to be approved  by the legislative bodies of the original members of the Central Wasatch:  Salt  Lake County, Salt Lake City, Sandy and Cottonwood Heights.

Previously, Young said, the county and Park City had made an interlocal agreement  that they would  take turns, on a two-year basis, as a representative for the Wasatch Back.

If this new plan is approved, she said that interlocal agreement would be rescinded.