Summit County Sheriff's Arrest Liquor Thief, Drunk Driver

Oct 1, 2018

Credit Summit County Sheriff's Department

In the latest news from the Summit County Sheriff’s Department, officers arrested a persistent liquor thief, and a reckless driver. But there were no leads, at this time, to a reported extortion via Facebook.

On Tuesday the 25th, officers got a report that a suspect was spotted, at the Utah State liquor store at Kimball Junction, believed to be involved in seven incidents of theft at the store. The report said he was arrested on Misdemeanor charges and identified as 57-year-old George Aaron Lucy of Holladay.

Later, on Tuesday night, officers got a report that a Dodge pickup, traveling on State Road 32 through Francis, was swerving into oncoming traffic and nearly causing a head-on collision. Deputies who performed a traffic stop spotted an open container of alcohol in plain view. The driver, who performed poorly on field sobriety tests, was arrested on DUI and Open Container charges. He was identified as 41-year-old Clinton Moon of Kamas.

Finally, on Wednesday, a 21-year-old Basin resident said he had been communicating on Facebook with a person he believed to be a female, who convinced him to send sexually-explicit photos of himself.

The suspect then demanded money, or she would make the photos public, and the complainant sent $100 by Western Union. The suspect made a second demand of $1,000 and the complainant refused.

The report said there are no viable suspects or leads at this time.