Summit Land Conservancy Acquires Easement On Kings Crown Hillside

Aug 22, 2018

The Summit Land Conservancy has acquired a conservation easement on the iconic King’s Crown hillside, located above Oldtown and to the north of the Treasure Hill property.

A statement from the Conservancy Tuesday said the landowners have donated the 11-acre parcel to keep it free from development.

The Conservancy said it officially closed this week on the property, which is notable for its seasonal colors, and is a buffer between Oldtown and the ski resort.

The property was originally platted for 237 single-family lots and four streets as part of a 15-acre development.

The owners of the land, CRH Partners, have chosen to strip the development rights off the property. The firm’s managing partner, Hans Fuegi, said one compelling reason the partnership bought the land was so “the vast majority of this highly visible and beautiful hillside will be protected from future development.”

The statement said the deal will bolster water quality, natural habitat and recreational use. Land Conservancy Director Cheryl Fox has her own memories about the acreage. She said “As my kids went off to pre-school at the library building, that maple-covered hillside glowed red and orange. We would look at those beautiful trees and talk about autumn and change.”