Teacher Contracts Finalized With SSSD: Details Coming Soon

May 16, 2019

Credit SSSD

The South Summit School District finalized negotiations and both associations and administration have committed to salary increases this year.

South Summit Superintendent Shad Sorenson says the negotiating team is not ready to release the final numbers on salary increases but they have reached an agreement on teacher contracts for the next two years. The conversation delved into the challenges of offering a competitive package that includes good medical benefits and salaries that compare with other school districts such as Park City where starting salaries are $50,000.

“So, we’ve had really good conversations on where do we place our emphasis?  Do we move more into insurance and premium sharing? Put that money onto the salary schedule or do we have a slightly lower salary schedule but be able to continue to offer the insurance benefits.”

Sorenson can’t give specifics about teacher compensation packages for next year, but he can confirm teachers will get a salary increase.

“They absolutely are, and they deserve it and I wish we could give more. But, we have done everything that we can to give them the very most and I think as we’ve worked together, the faculty and staff  that have different associations  recognize that we are committed to being a team and unitedly working for the best of our students.”

Sorenson says they’re health insurance pool had a very good year, so they’ll see a small increase in premiums for next school year.

“We team up with some other school districts and it was just over two percent which is very good compared to years when we’ve had double digit increases.”