They're Not Calling It Flood Stage On Cutter Lane...Yet.

Jun 7, 2019

Credit Krachel Greenwood

Summit County Public Works is watching the high water in the Snyderville Basin Friday evening. Culverts near Cutter Lane are full, and in some places the water is overflowing the banks of the canal. The water levels can be deceiving, and kids and pets should stay away from the banks.

Summit County Public Information Officer Krachel Greenwood says the county is not declaring flood stage on Cutter Lane at this point. But the they are watching it carefully because the water is flowing over the culvert onto the roadway.

“But it’s going down the side of the road and hitting the storm drain. But the issue is, it’s a lot of water right now. And so the issue with that water being on the street, what’s happening is cars are coming through, they are hitting it and creating a splash as high as their car and that splash is landing in this homeowner’s front yard.”

The canal runs along the bike trail off Cutter Lane. It’s about five feet deep. Greenwood estimates the amount of water in there now is about four feet.

Summit County Emergency Manager Chris Crowley was on site at the canal. He old weather coming in over the weekend will slow the runoff a bit, but he expects it to resume when the temperatures warm.

“So far, we haven’t heard from anybody complaining about significant flooding. All the wetlands are saturated.   That’s one of the challenges at at Cutter Lane, and more water is coming.”

The county has sandbags available for residents. Sandbags are limited to 20 per resident and they can be picked up at Summit County Public Works at 1755 S. Hoytsville Road in Wanship. Office hours are 8 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday.  If there is a flood emergency, contact Summit County Dispatch at 911.  Go to the USGS water watch link for up to the minute flood information for your area: