Tuesday COVID-19 Update: 716 New Cases Statewide, 12 Cases in Summit County, 3 in Wasatch

Feb 23, 2021

Utah’s COVID-19 Cases Tuesday were up compared to last Tuesday’s cases.  

The Utah Department of Health announced 716 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, which is about 100 more cases than the state saw at the same time last week. 

There were 6,458 people tested for the first time, with 18,480 total tests administered. About 6% of “tests over tests” are coming back positive. 

Summit County reported 12 new cases. In comparison, last Tuesday, Summit saw seven.

Summit County COVID-19 Case Trends
Credit Summit County Health Department

Wasatch County reported three new cases. Last Tuesday, the county saw 10.  

Wasatch County COVID-19 Case Trends
Credit Wasatch County Health Department

Utah’s Department of Health reported 12 new deaths, but noted that seven of them are from before Feb. 1. To date, 1,865 Utahns have died due to COVID-19, including eight from Summit County and 20 from Wasatch County.

The department also reported 54 new hospitalizations. There are 239 people in the hospital for COVID-19, in the state. Statewide, around 72.5% of referral center ICU beds are in use.  

A reported, 11,966 people were vaccinated for COVID-19 since Monday, bringing the total number to 623,876 doses administered. Both Summit and Wasatch Counties are registering to vaccinate residents 65-years or older.