Tuesday COVID-19 Update: Less Positive Tests On Average Statewide, As Utah Sees 1,302 New Cases

Jan 19, 2021

  The average number of COVID-19 tests coming back positive in Utah is below 20% for the first time since the beginning of November.




The statewide 7-day rolling average for positive tests 19.9%. The state saw a dramatic increase in positive lab tests at the beginning of this month, when almost a third of all tests were coming back positive. Over the last couple weeks, that percentage has declined. 

However, both Summit and Wasatch Counties’ averages are above the state’s - with Summit reporting 22.5% and Wasatch reporting around 27% of lab tests coming back positive.

The Utah Department of Health announced 1,302 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, which is almost 850 less cases than the state saw at the same time last week.

The state reported an increase of 4,961 new tests administered. 

Summit County reported 33 new cases. In comparison, last Tuesday Summit County saw 31 cases.


Summit County COVID-19 Trends
Credit Summit County Health Department


Wasatch County reported 12 new cases. Last Tuesday, the county saw 19.  

Wasatch County COVID-19 Trends
Credit Wasatch County Health Department

Utah’s Department of Health reported seven new deaths. To date, 1,507 Utahns have died due to COVID-19, including six from Summit County and 16 from Wasatch County.

Utah’s Department of Health reported 69 new hospitalizations. There are 573 people in the hospital for COVID-19, in the state. Statewide, over 91% of referral center ICU beds are in use. 

3,695 people were vaccinated for COVID-19 since Monday, bringing the total number to 172,603 doses administered. Both Summit and Wasatch Counties started vaccinating residents over the age of 70 this week.