Tuesday Power Outage In Summit Park Will Go On As Scheduled Despite Cold Tempratures

Oct 28, 2019

Despite complaints, a power outage scheduled for most of Tuesday will go on as planned.

Rocky Mountain Power has scheduled the outage in Summit Park area from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, the 29th.

Although residents were noticed about the outage via e-mail, phone call or mailers, many are upset with the timing.

The national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for Tuesday with one to four inches of snow likely and temperatures in the 20’s.

Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson Spencer Hall says despite rumors that the outages are cancelled, they will go on as scheduled during most the day.

“They’re repairing a crossarm, and it's a repair that needs to happen so that power doesn't go out unexpectedly,” Hall explained. “This work has to be done all winter. They don't take time off even when it's really cold. Anyone who is going to be affected by it has been notified. So, it is important that folks who have been notified make preparations. Either not be home, or to layer up, or have some way to stay warm because it does look like it's going to be quite cold. It could take a couple hours to most of the day, so it's certainly going to impact some people.”

Hall says despite the request to put the project off for another day the power company does not have the bandwidth to delay the project.

“They’ve got a lot of work that needs to be done, and they just can't take a day,” Hall continued. “So, they're going forward with it. Now if things change, they'll certainly notify everybody. But as of right now they're planning to still go through with it.”